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Basic Information


Admissions are given purely on merit. The students who secure 60% and above marks in Matric/O level examination are given preference in admission to HSSC. However the required merit may be lowered to some extent in case of most deserving candidates subject to availability of seats.
Formal admission is completed only after the application form has been duly filled in, registered and the interview is held. It is worthy of note that parents must accompany their sons/wards for the interview, failing which the interview is not conducted and admission is not granted.
The management reserves the right of refusing admission without assigning any reason. The college also reserves the right to order the withdrawal of any student whose conduct is unsatisfactory or who is not profiting by his stay in the college.


Garrison Degree College gives immense importance to the assessment and evaluation process. The pupils are evaluated regularly for taking cognizance of their strength and short comings in the learning process and enhancing their academic growth and development.
The assessment and evaluation at GDC is divided into the following phases:-


After every month’s teaching, a monthly assessment test is conducted to evaluate the pupils’ academic progress of the month during main academic session from August to December.


Nearing the end of the academic session, a Send-up examination of HSSC is held to analyze students’ potentials before submission of their admission forms to board authorities. They are assessed again by closing of the academic session as a pre-board test to give them a good practice for the ensuing board exam. This enables the students to sort out and rectify their shortcomings and weaknesses well in time.


Regular communication between parents and teachers play a vital role in improving students’ results and discipline. For this purpose and to ensure the participation of the parents in students’ affairs, GDC holds a parents-teachers meeting after every monthly assessment,  send-up and pre-board examinations.
Besides the pre-scheduled parents-teachers meetings, the principal encourages the parents to visit the college off and on to coordinate with him and the faculty members whenever they feel it necessary for betterment of their sons/wards.