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Garrison Academy Senior Campus For Boys

Fee Structure

The GASCB runs on the fees collected from the students. The in time payment of the fees and funds is the basic responsibility of the parents. Following points are enumerated for student’s / parent’s guidance:-
*All fees/dues are to be paid at MCB. .
*All three copies of the challans are to be filled in correctly before remittance of fees to the bank.
*Fees/dues must be paid on monthly basis before 15th of each month.
*A fine of Rs. 10/- per day from 16th to end of the month.
*Rs 50/- per day from 1st to 10th of next month. If any students fails to deposit his fees up to 10th of next month, his name will be struck off from college roll and he has to complete his readmission which will include all dues i.e. Admission fee, security, development charges and all other dues charged at the time of admission.
*Tuition/monthly fee may be paid in advance, if so desired.
*College leaving certificate and roll number slip are not issued to the fee defaulters.
*No member of the college staff be contacted/utilized for depositing the fee etc. by the students/parents.