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Councils and Committees

For smooth functioning of the college and providing a sense of participation to its faculty and students, following councils and committees have been formed:-

a. College Academic Council

The College academic council is the supreme body in all matters pertaining to academics. The principal is the chairman of the council and the vice principal is the vice chairman. Apart from these, four senior faculty members act as members of the council. The council meets whenever necessary to deliberate upon any academic matter and takes appropriate decision.

b. Discipline Committe

The discipline committee deals with the disciplinary matters and takes decisions accordingly. The committee comprises of the chief proctor, assistant chief proctor and deputy chief proctor, while bright and well disciplined students remain as proctors on the committee.

c. Sports Committe

For ensuring a healthy sporting atmosphere in the college the sports committee has been formed. The principal is the patron of the committee and the director physical education is the chairman assisted by assistant chairman. Two other faculty members also play their role as members of the committee to achieve the above mentioned objective.

d. Exam Committe

To conduct the local exams in a well organized and timely fashion, an examination committee has been formed. The head of science faculty is the controller of examinations who is assisted by a senior faculty member as the deputy controller. Four other lecturers work as the members of this committee.

e. Literary and Dramatic Society

Literary and dramatic society is established to promote and polish students’ oratory, linguistic and performance skills. The society comprises of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and assistant secretary from the faculty.